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Hulu Plus

Hulu has been around for much longer than most people realize, but only started gaining in popularity thanks to Seth MacFarlane and his witty television commercials advertising the company.  Originally it primarily allowed you to watch older television shows and movies, with only a handful of newer things.  It was also completely free to watch any of them.  Now you can still watch most of your old favorites but the service specializes in allowing you to catch up on recent series and episodes you may have missed. It is currently available online as well as on the Xbox and PlayStation 3.

Hulu Plus Pricing

Many of the newer items from the more popular networks, like NBC and ABC, require you to join Hulu Plus, which is a paid service.  The fees aren’t very high, but are slightly higher than what Netflix charges each month for streaming service.  Of course, you can’t watch new episodes of shows from the night before on Netflix like you can on Hulu Plus.  It’s also much cheaper than what cable costs per year, at about $100 annually.  This makes it more of an option for those who want the benefits of cable without having to pay the high prices that most cable companies charge. [box type=”info”]

Watch Movies Online

One thing that differs greatly between Netflix and Hulu Plus is that some of the programs that are available on Hulu Plus are not available to watch on gaming devices like the Xbox, and can only be watched online.  This may not be a problem for people who prefer to watch things on their laptops or who have laptops that can be connected to their televisions, but some others may find it inconvenient.  Right now HuluPlus has exclusive contracts with several different major networks, and as long as they keep bringing in the customers they will most likely be getting more.

Television programming has long been a staple of entertainment and many around the globe are fashionable to tailor schedules around favored television showing and airings of particular shows and scheduling. A long practice of those who love afternoon soaps have taped there shows for years so they can enjoy the shows at an available time that is within their scheduled activities. Some may tape and entire weeks show and enjoy their Saturdays catching up not heir stories. The internet has enabled viewers to now turn to their favorite stories and shows and watch them free on the internet.

Internet television programming sites such as the popular HULU are available and sponsored by broadcasting companies to effectively increase their viewing and rating potentials. Not to interfere with regular scheduling subscribers can watch their television shows in real time and Hulu operations will not admonish loyal subscribers and air popular shows after their original air dates on television. Hulu on the internet was first accessible on computers but now with several gaming and internet compatible televisions it is possible to watch internet television, on the TV.

Hulu programming is practically advertising free and only a few interruptions may appear while one is watching their favorite shows. It is possible to subscribe for upgraded services that enable one to watch shows without interruptions. It is free to register to Hula’s website and begin watching television shows and movies instantly. A good internet connection is required to watch shows in the available format with out constant buffering. Dial up connections are quite slower and with out the higher bandwidth capabilities it is comparative that it will not be as applicable a format.

Hulu Shows and Movies

Hulu host several shows and movies that are shown in series on television programming channels. The networks will offer a series to watch in order to the viewing programming after it as aired on broadcasts. If a season is at the half waypoint, the last 5 showings or sections of the series will be available for viewing on Hulu. In addition, a popular series may have previous seasons available on Hulu for a limited time. Other popular series and news shows can be featured and movie trailers and special web clips can be viewed.

Popular shows and reality TV has many glued to the sets and missing valuable time, they could be working outside or doing chores. With Hulu it is possible to watch your favorite shows anytime. You can program Hulu with favored programs and the site will contact you by e-mail when the shows are available and save them to your viewing queue. Popular shows such as House, Fringe, Bones and even Saturday Night Live can  be viewed on Hulu. Popular shows such as these will also offer special web clips only available to Hulu members and you can see behind the scene clips and interviews with the actors that are not available on television.

Hulu hosts a popular network of shows and searching Hulu’s database will navigate through available options and if your request is not available at that time you can save in your queue or Hulu can navigate you to the site that will host the show in which you are inquiring. Several popular shows such as Celeb TV and E News will also include several special picks and web exclusives highlighting their more popular features of the week.
Special clips, interviews and trailers are not available all the time and run for only few days. Including Latino shows and an easy to navigate search capability, you can watch anything on Hulu.

When signing in to Hulu you will be available to program the site for viewing preferences and to view explicit violence and R rated movies or adult shows it is necessary to prove that you are of age. Hulu will verify that you are of age and can block family members if programmed from watching shows and movies that are inappropriate. This enables parents to monitor what their children can watch with a Hulu account that has parental control, which inhibits young children and adolescents from watching shows that a parent would not deem allowable.

The several television shows available on Hulu can keep one entertained for days and weeks if they have been missing regular scheduled broadcasting events. Also when a new season is about to start for several different shows, Hulu will make the last season available so one can be up to speed when the new season starts. Wonderful shows like Psych and The Daily Show are very popular and now it is possible with Hulu to never miss an episode due to scheduling conflicts.

Movies that Appear on Hulu

Hulu has created one of the hottest and first spots on the internet to watch TV and movies easily from your computer. When our schedules and busy day-to-day lives interrupt even the simplest pleasures as watching our favorite show and movies at home, Hulu made the groundbreaking leap by offering favorites to be easily viewed at any time. Fitting into any ones schedule you can watch from the comfort of home, while traveling in your car or even sneak a quick peek while at work. Their commercial free viewing schedules offers a lot of diversity and one can watch their favorite movies, shows, trailers and even some special web clips when becoming a member for free at Hulu.

The movies featured on Hulu’s website are as diverse as those viewing are. You can find old time favorites, movies from years past and some new features and in several different genres. Catch sneak peaks of new movies and special trailers and behind the scenes footage while shuffling through the hundreds of movies offered.  You can load movies to your queue and be contacted when your shows are available. Several movies offered are also specially formatted and available via mobile web, which enables you to watch the movie on your smart phone.

Hulu Drama and Suspense

Drama, suspense and comedies are a few of the genres available on Hulu. The great line up available on Hulu offers some special finds such as Revenge of the Bridesmaids. A funny tale of two best friends who return to their hometown after being on their own for a few years. The girls soon meet up with another friend who is in despair. Her fiancé and the love of her life has dumped her and was stolen by an ex friend of their group. Bent on revenge the girls quickly put together a plan to ruin the wedding and get their friends lover back. Dressing as bridesmaids to gain entrance to the wedding, the girls will surprise the audience and keep you laughing with their vengeful adventures.

Donnie Brasco is another great movie featured on Hulu at this time. Made in the late 1990’s the star of this film Johnny Depp plays an FBI Agent that is given access into a mob family of Lefty played by Al Paccino. Donnie Brasco is the undercover identity of Johnny Depps character and poses as a diamond broker to gain the respect and friendship of the hit mobster. Once he is in, Johnny Depp’s characters involvement with the mob and the conflicts of his job will have him riding a rollercoaster of feelings in which could cost him his job and family. The drama is a favorite hit and as the story unfolds, the audience will fall for the characters as they struggle between right and wrong.

Newer movies available such as the twisted and deceitful hit Come Undone released in 2010 offers a heated affair of deception. The main character Anna has everything she could already desire, a great job and loving family but as she meets a handsome waiter, it may all begin to unravel. Their torrid affair will heat up the screen as the lies and deceptions unfolds and the two characters find that they may be in much deeper than they are prepared to handle. Some life changing choices may be necessary for the two to keep their passionate affair alive but are they ready to make the leap?

Classic Movies on Hulu

Several classics available on Hulu will keep you glued to your seat such the horror thriller, Vacancy that with the mysterious feel of an Alfred Hitchcock film is suspenseful and dangerously thrilling. Alternatively, perhaps one is more in the mood for a healthy love triangle such as the movie The Quiet American as two men are chasing the same beautiful Asian woman. A mobster classic with some thrilling action such as The Gangs of New York, which takes place in the 1800,’s and follows as one dangerous son seeks revenge of the killer of his father’s murderer, Bill the Butcher.

Movies featured on Hulu will run for a variation of timed formats and are available to view once you have registered to have an account. Movies with R ratings will require that you sign in to verify your age and that you can legally view, rated movies. Not all movies are available to receive on your television unless you subscribe to Hulu Plus or have a game console such as an Xbox or Wii.

Shows on Hulu

Parks and Recreation Renewed

Parks and Recreation that airs on NBC was renewed on the 111th of May of 2012 for a 5th season that will contain twenty two installments. This new season is going to air its first episode on the 20th of September in the Thursday night slot at 9:30 – 8:30C. So far the 5th season is not confirmed to be its last season or not.

The Last Episode of the forth Season

The last episode of the 4th season of Parks and Recreation was entitled “Win, Lose, or Draw”. This episode was going to be the series finale in case the show did not get renewed and this is why Mike Schur, the showrunner decided to approach the episode and treat it as the series finale.

On that episode, we saw the revival of the relationship between Tom and Ann. This revival came as a result of the prophetic dream of Tom that he and Ann would be paired once again. The sad thing is that they did re unite under the influence of alcohol and at anytime, the audience was expecting to see Ann snapping and going sober and chide him for thinking that he ever had a chance to be with her.

On the other hand, we saw April freaking out because she has deleted some important files and of course, she did what he would always do which is hiding and calling Andy for help. He tried his best using his strategy that he uses while repairing his xBox, but it failed. So they were faced with two options, they can skip town and run away or they can do the logical thing and call Donna and ask for help in fixing it all, they picked calling Dona and she was able to fix everything in the matter of seconds. They did take that choice but they thought things through if they were to choose the other option by naming towns they will live in and the jobs they will do.

Behind the Scenes News from the 5th Season

As for news from behind the scenes of the 5th season of Parks and Recreations, it seems that Leslip Knope is going to be around some important and powerful players from Washington when the show airs its first episode. This is revealed in one of the behind the scenes videos that featured the star talking about filming episodes with Olympia Snowe, Barbara Boxer and Senators John McCain.

She stated that she has shot an episode with Senator McCain who is one of her best friends as they have worked before together.

Commenting on these scenes, Adam Scott stated that they got to shot many scenes with them and that they were very funny and hilarious.

Season five Spoilers

As for the events of the fifth season, they are going to be revolved around Leslie’s new job as a City Counselor and about how the Park’s Department has to deal with her not being with them anymore.

Some of the spoilers include Ron falling in love with a single mom called Diana and April is going to return to Pawnee in the 5th season.

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