Top 10 Worst Movies of All Time

Top 10 Worst Movies of All Time

Movies that receive critical acclaim, as being the worst of all time will jointly gain a whisper of popularity as the y make the trodden lists as their dying legacies are remembered for a brief pause. Since the 1950,’s the worst movies have been labeled and neatly recorded by several critics and journalist perceptive to the world of entertainment and full of opinionated sarcasm. Truly a worst movie ever list is based upon certain factors of their popularity and earnings. Movies that tank at the box office can receive sleeper status if they have some notable good content but others will fall deeply into the chasm of stink that they truly deserve.

Notably the Top 10 Worst Movies of all time would be a healthy list to consider. A landmark of poor choices will signify the list of wasted projects and unrealized creativity that bombed repeatedly.

10. Freddie Got Fingered A comedy film written by and starring the comedian Tom Green whose tasteless humor and odd antics has never seemed to bring him any favorable mentions in any category of entertainment. His brash tactics further annoys the audience in the film as his character is based on a loose-minded loser.

9. Alone in the Dark: A video game based movie that fell so short of its expectations it left many scowling and trying to explain the inexplicable confusion of it was even considered a movie to begin with and produced. It won 3 stinker awards for worst picture and is considered by Peter Hartlaub as the worst film of the decade.

8. Birdemic: As horror classics are in their own a bit cagey and cheesy, a take on a classic by Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds gave the movie an expected view that it fell from fatally. Deemed as the worst movie ever by hundreds of critics the movie was destroyed and never had a chance with the poorly written story line and thankfully an independent film with a very low budget that made it easy for the creators to simply disappear.

7. Gigli: As the world was cleaning the vomit induced purge of Bennifer (J LO and Ben Affleck romance) and their gooey grub from their souls, the movie blasted onto the big screen only to be quickly gunned down by all who witnessed the mortification.

6. Showgirls: A famous show that due to its nature of stink has gained a large cult following and may be one of the most profitable worst movies ever made. Its gross inadequacy created a following that toasts its guttural demise.

5. Battlefield Earth: A poorly over budgeted movie that has rendered even the distributor of the movie as distinct. Travolta of course a favorite could not even use his charm to lighten the darkness that fell upon this stinker of all time.

4. Troll 2: A movie that is based on goblins and not trolls can give credence to its negative stature in ratings. A movie that had not only a poorly written script that was created in poor English by Italian writers that make the dialogue chunky and hard to follow, it is believed to be one of the more confusing of the worst movies ever genre.

3. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie: A movie claimed to be to repulsive and gross for adult and children was an adaptation of the twisted idea of a Cabbage Patch parody that true to its name was garbage.

2. Norbit: How much fat Eddie Murphy can one take? Although Eddie has been considered a comic genius, the only genius involved in this film is if you saved your money and missed the flat and tasteless movie that was quickly deemed a Stinker.

1. Glitter: Mariah Carrie’s depression and fall from grace as the movie plummeted from the day it premiered made Glitter one of the best well-known flops of the year.

Several more movies could easily make the list of the worst movies ever and some close running favorite movies to hate are The Hottie and the Nottie, starring Paris Hilton, and the movie starring Eva Longhoria in Over Her Dead Body. One can find several lists that will dictate the worst movies ever made.



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January 30, 2012

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